Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Wonderful World of the Internet

When I was just an IT manager I didn’t really appreciate the internet, I worked with computers everyday and to be honest the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was browse its vast expanse. The internet seemed to be only for geeks and perverts, but that was many years ago, and now I feel it is my lifetime to the world. Without the internet I dare to think where I would be as a person, I doubt I would have survived the last 18 months without it. The internet is now in my opinion the greatest evolutionary advantage, humanity has been blessed with. I know it is not what you would classify as an evolutionary change, in the true Darwinian sense, but it still is an evolutionary shift forward, communication and information wise.

Now anyone with a computer and a network link can access masses of information on any subject, at anytime night or day, continuously, you should never be ignorant now. The internet has allowed anyone to express themselves, whether they are talented or not, whether they are extroverts or introverts, artists or information geeks, you can be someone on the internet. You can escape the drudgery of your life and find a new life in the shape of blogging (like I do here) or social networking, tweeting, virtual gaming, you name it.

You are allowed to express your hidden desires, enjoy your own erotic fantasies, and meet people with similar tastes as yourself. The internet has made everything mainstream, everything is possible, everything is achievable, you have every tool you will ever need right at your finger tips, all it needs is your imagination, and curiosity to find it.

The internet will save humanity, the internet will create equality, the internet will end tyranny and force changes on the world never dreamed of in the past. So I hold my glass up to those clever blokes from the 60’’s who invented it, to guys like Tim Berners-Lee, the American military and those geniuses who had the foresight to create such an incredible communication, information device.

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