Sunday, 30 January 2011


Sadness is the lonely tear a tiny drop that falls,

The sinking despair the realisation of regret,

The motion of sorrowful emotion,

The sense you are not all there, and full of loss,

The grief beholds you, as you fade into a melancholy gloom.

Sadness is the lonesome fear; one tear will turn in two,

The painless silence, the wretched recollection,

The deepest loss, too extreme to bear,

The foreboding that nothing will be as was,

Can you cope now you are changed forever?

Sadness is despondency forlorn and dejected,

It never leaves, it always grieves,

Yet over time it does recede,

Until you feel the happy seed, of life’s great need,

Emotionally repaired, and now prepared to face it all once more.

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