Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Gory Painting

Apologies I have a weird sense of humour but I found this comment hilariously funny. I also apologise for entering tennis geekidom, by even writing about it. It was said by a tennis commentator, about Rafa Nadal, after he just blasted a forehand winner. This is roughly what he said.

“It’s not an impressionist painting is it? It’s more of a gory one”.

Well I thought it was a funny haha analogy to say, and made me laugh. I told you I had a weird sense of humour, but describing Nadal’s tennis being like a gory painting, I suppose in contrast to Federer’s impressionist style of tennis, I just thought was funny.

I would describe Nadal’s tennis, if like a painting genre, more similar to modern abstract. Loads of colour, totally illogical, but somehow it just works.

Maybe that is what the commentator meant by gory, who knows, I just found it incredibly funny. I like to make analogies and I suppose in some ways I can see what he means, but Nadal’s tennis isn’t gory; it’s brutal and destructively devastating for any opponent, but it’s never gory.

Gory implies a lack of self control, limited mindfulness, and no will power; which Nadal certainly does not lack in every aspect, more so excels in, way beyond normality.  Maybe that is why I found it so funny.

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