Friday, 14 January 2011

Changing Society for the better

You know I have been thinking about the whole global warming, climate change argument, and why it seems to be necessary in this day and age to sensationalise and exaggerate issues around the world, because it is the only way to change the greedy, selfish attitudes, of many humans.

I remember when I was at school, one of my more eccentric teachers told us how many of the patents to improve life are hidden away, stifled, and literately stopped from happening by large corporations, so we still use oil, we still buy products, and they still make profit.

I wonder if; because of this pig headed attitude towards our planet, and the life forms on it in general, activists accentuate the global warming argument, to make corporations change their attitude and in doing so change our all our lives for the better. I would like to think this is the primary goal, but they seem to go about it wrongly in my opinion.

Then again maybe they haven’t, I have just watched a commercial, where a car company is making their cars more efficient, so they don’t use energy when stationary. I have seen other car companies selling the same ideas, then we have the introduction of hybrid cars (though I feel at present they are more a gimmick than actually doing any good). I remember reading about hydro cars, which I think is the way we should be going.

So all this scaring us to death, is trying to bring about change; to improve our planet and how we exist on it. We lie or exaggerate, make things up, confuse but in the end if we have clean cars, cheap energy and a better standard of living. Is it all worth it? I suspect it is; the problem I have is the fact we have to go to such lengths to see these changes happen.

We shouldn’t have to deceive, delude, confuse or even make people feel guilty to get these changes to happen, because it is not the general public that forces these situations it is the greedy profit making companies, institutions, governments, you name it. And unfortunately we the public have to suffer until the greedy buggers change.

Surely there is an easier way. Surely we need to stop the stupid ideology of stopping patents which may have a beneficial affect on the planet, from being bought and lost in some corporate red tape and bureaucracy. If it can improve, or might improve, it should not be stifled, it should be immediately comprehended, tried and tested, to see if it can have a benefit to us. To hell with profit and protecting old and divisive products and consumables, we need to change this type of thinking.

Would it be better to be honest and say, we are not using our incredible intelligence to its proper levels, by being obsessed with exponential growth, profit and greed? Than to say untruths about our planet like CO2 causes global warming.

It’s just a thought.

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