Sunday, 30 January 2011

Practice what you Preach

I am sick of talking about climate change, but it just really annoys me the way it is all handled, today I have seen headlines like, Global Warming may rob Basmati (rice) of its fragrance, what sort of headline is that. Here is another stupid headline this time I made it up, Global Warming may mean men go bald quicker, or here is another one, Global Warming may cause cats to grow an extra ear. Global Warming may cause cows to fart more.

The ludicrous headlines are seen all over the place. On top of the ridiculous headlines we also get these sorts of statements from Bill Maher, droughts in America may become dryer, hurricanes may get stronger, even cold winter storms may be colder and stronger, rains might be heavier, blar de blar de blar, and all because of climate change. Now I quite like Bill especially when he is bashing religious nut jobs, but you cannot use the same rhetoric on climate change. Are people really foolish enough to believe these statements, because these are no different to the spam ads you get that tell you if you click on this link you may win car, or click here go get your penis enlarged, or go to this website to find out how to get six pack abs in six weeks. Utter rubbish all of them, just like Bill Maher’s statements. Here is another cracking headline; Eating insects ‘Could cut greenhouse emissions’, and there are many more.

The thing you should always notice about all of these crazy deluded headlines is the wording, they say may, or could, or might. You can say anything may or could or might happen, I might be a millionaire this time next year, and I could be married to a super model. We may have found intelligent life on Mars, and England could win the next football World Cup, but none of these are likely at the present time. Plus stating everything may happen is a bit like a Freudian statement, you cannot be proved wrong or right. It is really pathetic and galling to hear or read, all you need these days is some self righteous celebrity or famous scientist, to make some crazy statement and then they hope everyone will believe them.

Take those Horizon doc’s I watched yesterday, Prof ‘I’m the new pres of the Royal Society’, trying to tell us to save the planet and believe climate scientists, whilst he jets around the world making his biased documentary. Or even the brilliant documentary about reality, showing all those scientists (who probably believe in Global Warming) as they use trillions of gigawatts of energy blasting particles together. I wonder how many homes the Large Hadron Collider could heat in a year, how much of the supposed deadly CO2 will it spew per year. I wonder if there was really any need for the world’s leaders and climate spongers to go to Cancun of all places, to discuss how we should cut back on using energy; ha what a joke.

Practice what you preach and stop insulting us all.

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