Saturday, 29 January 2011

What is Reality?

You have to laugh, the BBC can make such dreadful biased programs like the ones about Climate Scientists, and then it can make brilliant ones like the Horizon doc about, what is reality? I love docs like this one, lots of weird and complex thoughts and ideas thrown at you, it makes you feel alive to use your brain in such a way, and try to imagine what the scientists are trying to say. This particular one as the title suggests is about reality and the big question, what is it?

As they asked that question at the beginning, I harked back to my original reasons for writing this blog, to get my imaginative ideas on what the Universe is; especially reality. And so I answered the question by saying reality is, the evolutionary perspective of the present moment, created by the observer. The observer in our instance is a human, but I reasoned that reality was totally perspective, and that anything, any object is existence can observe. This seems logical to me, and is the idea I have written about primarily when I first started this blog. Now it is not something that happens to me often, but after watching this Horizon doc, I was totally amazed and went wow that’s an incredible imaginative concept of thought. It came from Prof Leonard Susskind, I had heard of him before after watching a doc about Prof Stephen Hawking, when the great British Professor said that information is lost as Black Holes evaporate. Susskind disagreed with this, and said it was impossible to lose information. Anyway the conclusion he came to, was that the event horizon of a Black Hole was like a hologram and it translated information from 3 dimensions into 2 dimensions which is quite an amazing thought. What makes me go wow though was when he then said, what if the Universe is like a hologram and we are just a 3 dimensional projection of the Universe. I thought that sounded an incredible concept, and as he says it is hard to comprehend, but if it is so, and we are just a 3D version of a 2D disc, then maybe the Universe or reality is many of these discs, googolplex to the power of googolplex amounts, all together creating reality. This seems a plausible concept to me.

It makes me feel incredibly excited to think of ideas like this, and the wonders of reality and all that the Universe is or might be, can be, should be, or whatever, is just like nectar to a honey bee. I will look forward to seeing what the great scientists in the physical fields come up with next, and please Horizon make more doc’s like this one. It makes me want to delve back into my thoughts about reality and perspective and what it is to exist in a reality. Ah I wish I could talk to some scientists about this sort of thing, I always find myself having lots of questions to ask, as I watch these programs. They talked about how a single photon particle of light when fired through two slits creates three lines instead of two, yet when they observe this it goes back to making two lines. So in essence I presume, this is what they mean by the particle being a particle when observed but a wave when not, amazing. I even thought of a name for the holographic universe, it can be a Holographic Universal Disc, or HUD, imagine if they prove we are just a holographic image what would that mean to our lives and will it change everything, who knows.

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