Saturday, 29 January 2011

Don’t believe me, find out for yourself

Continuing on from the Horizon doc I should say, and I think it is one of the most important points from that unusual episode, is that you shouldn’t just believe what you read on the internet. I like to think I am unbiased and can see both points of view, but I am recovering from mental health issues, that said being crazy does not make me stupid. People need to see more unbiased information and they don’t get it that often, taking that Horizon episode further, it was on an hour, 45 minutes of that hour was spent talking about climate science, the main cause for sceptical concern in the UK. The last 15 minutes discussed scepticism regarding AIDS and whether we should use genetically modified food. Well what was this trying to say, that they are the same, or is it trying to get the majority of the public to shy away from being sceptical, by showing plausible scepticism with something that isn’t as plausible. They used to put climate sceptics with the evolution deniers and moon landing deniers, but that just doesn’t cut it anymore because they are not the same at all.

It is something to think about when weighing up the arguments for and against, something like the legitimacy of information you receive via documentaries. Things that spring to mind are the fact it is the coldest summer on record in Australia, a country according to the climate models that should be getting far warmer, it is the coldest winter on record in Europe; this was not part of the climate models that caused so much exaggeration in the early 00’s. Snow was meant to be a thing of the past here in Britain, based on the efforts of our friends at the CRU, and glaciers were meant to disappear in the Himalayas, all prophesised by extremely expensive climate models. These sorts of things are not mentioned in the Horizon doc, all it really wanted to say is, are you a little naive like the guy who believes AIDS does not come from contracting the virus HIV.

The world, our wonderful Planet Earth is a special place, and I don’t want to see it polluted and destroyed by humans. I want to see the end of the need for fossil fuels, and the eventual introduction of free, reusable, none polluting, energy sources. But to get to that point, we have to progress forward in finding better solutions, and we need to realise that it is the extreme desire for profit and greed, which I have mentioned millions of times before, which is the major cause of the strife of this planet.

So they can produce all the documentaries they want showing their unwavering bias towards one thing or the other, but when you get down to brass tacks, people really don’t want to hear it. They just want a better life, a better existence, they want to be happy and fulfilled, they want to enjoy the short time they have alive on this world. Is that too much to ask for, yet a few people who enjoy this more than everyone else; they don’t want this, they want you to be miserable, unhappy, full of debt, and under their total control. Until this attitude changes, we will continue arguing the toss about one thing or the other for all eternity.

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