Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Bring Me Back To Peace

Today is a day like any other day, but today is not the same as every other day, because today I feel despair, I feel lost, I feel full of panic and sadness.  I keep thinking that when I haven’t had days like today for long periods of time, they will never come back and I am free of them.  Then out of nowhere like a ninja assassin, it strikes, and I am dead.  I feel rotten, I have a splitting headache, I want to curl up and die.  I am not physically ill yet my body is suffering tension, and panic, and I don’t know why.  At least now I know not to question it, not to ask the questions, just hope it passes and passes soon.

The cruel despair of life,
A pervading force, the nemesis,
The destroyer of my world,

The wicked lurker,

The devious beast,

The nasty brew.

Calm is my mind whilst the body rages,

Clear are the thoughts,

Subtle is the change,

Heart is racing,

Blood is boiling,

Tears are ready to fall.

Deep breathes to ease the suffering,

Closed eyes to hide the fear,

Willing, hoping, wishing, please,

Slow down the tension,

Alleviate the pain,

Bring me back to peace.

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