Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A Dream

I had a strange dream last night, I dreamt I was in another dimension; it was exactly the same as our world only different. The differences were subtle, things you would never notice unless you really wanted to notice them. People were nice, they were friendly, and I seemed to fit in there, I was happy; is it right to be happier in a dream than in reality? It was mostly the colour white and there were lots of railways, the food seemed to be mostly soft like marshmallow, sweet, and sickly. The rooms they lived in were also white and long, it reminded me of Japan for some reason. They all had mini steam rooms, only big enough to stand in, like a shower only not a shower. The place was vibrant and happy, everyone smiled and everyone was pleasant. In the dream there was a woman, she had a soothing essence, she was calming to be around, yet she always seemed to be beyond my grasp. She would be there and I would sense her and talk to her, but then when I chanced a look she was gone. What could it all mean in my mind? What will it all mean? I hope it means something. I just want to sleep at the moment, to dream and hope I will have more dreams like that, because they are far better than being alive.

Oh well it was only a dream, gone forever, I like to think of dreams like that as the minds way of trying to repair damage, trying to bring back something you feel you have lost. Is it lost forever or will it return? I hope it will.

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