Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The World Our Mother

When the World stood waiting to take its last breath, it remembered its long and fruitful life, so many memories, so many days, yet only a few moments were left to treasure.  All the species they were extinct, every life form was gone, only one thing was left alive, the Planet Earth third rock from the Sun.  The waters had all dried up, the clouds had faded away, the mountains had disappeared, only barren planes as far as one could see.  The World was over 8 billion times around the Sun, it had seen so many life forms, it had seen so much joy and fun.  Her brother Mercury passed away first, quickly followed by her sister Venus, now it was Earths turn, and then brother Mars would follow shortly.  A last long sigh as the massive deep red Sun grew ever closer, ever hotter.  It was the way of the Universe; it was the way it was meant to be.  She knew this time would finally arrive, she cherished all the past, all her children from trees, to plants, from fish to animals, she gazed at the Sun and remembered everyone.  And then the Sun got closer, so close the World began to glow, a brilliant red radiance, a mini star, the last remnants started to melt.  The World she smiled her final smile, she said goodbye to one and all, she was now part of her mother, just as all the life forms were part of her, all one, all together, all ready to be part of something new.

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