Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Goodbye Planet Earth it was nice knowing you!




Dear Everyone,

An invisible object orbits our beautiful blue planet; it is above the clouds, and the atmosphere, past all the satellites and junk. Way out there, as far as the moon. Something unknowable is spying, listening, learning, collecting information; studying our every move. We humans cannot observe or understand the mystery watching our planet. At this moment our technology and perspective have not matured enough to comprehend their existence. Unfortunately, due to circumstances we do not control, all this is about to change. In fact, our reality has already changed permanently; now, it is critical we change as well.

The reason for this is simple.

An accident occurred at 12:23pm today; the invisible objects, that should not exist; somehow managed to alter our reality. This reality change, though insignificant, inconsequential, and not even noticeable from their perspective, has, however caused a massive change for anyone living on our Planet, Planet Earth.

Information understandable to everything affected is being released by the Reality Changers, unless we all expand our Evolutionary Perspective to their level, our existence is terminal. A minimum of three quarters of the human population, have to read and understand the information, if we are unable to reach the minimum within seven days, we will all cease to exist.

At this time, there is no news regarding the causes of the accident.

Please take the matter seriously, and read everything. Try to relax your mind, you will find it easier to digest the information.

I have every hope we will succeed.

The Illuminator

After staring continuously at a large translucent screen, my eyes were aching, watery, and swollen. I felt trapped, a blurry vision, is this all real, I thought. Bowing my head, I rubbed them as hard as I could, I did not want to continue. I turned around to look directly at the silhouetted figure, sitting in the distance.

“I need a break,” I said, “I can’t take in anymore, why do I have to write this, why do I have to tell the world it’s over?”

“That is so,” said a deep hollow voice, “please continue.”

Closing my eyes tightly I wept a silent tear, now fully aware of facts, yet still, a selfish pity repelled me from facing the truth. I did not want to be the one. Turning to face the screen once more, I tried to recall how I ended up in this situation. How did I end up being the one man who has to tell the world it is going to end?

I was driving past Westlake View around lunchtime, when the heavens opened; a mini monsoon erupted from nowhere. No sooner had the deluge started, water was gushing through the streets, turbulent, torrents, flooding everywhere. Luckily, I was near the top of Sedgemoor Bank, when all around me went incredibly dark, occasionally illuminated by lightening scaring the sky. I had never witnessed weather like this before. Slowing down gradually, I switched my headlights on, it was nearly impossible to see anything further than a few metres, even with lights. I crawled along, instinctively hoping the car and some good luck, would keep me from going off the road. I switched from CD to radio, hoping to catch a weather report; there was no mention of this on the news earlier. No reception, only static, all channels dead, on all wavelengths, I should of realised this was not normal, instead I thought it must be the storm. Pulling over I tried calling my wife, I thought it best to tell her I was not going to be on time, she is a terrible worrier. I was still 30 miles from Greendale, at this rate it would take all day. No luck with my phone, only dead tone, I tried to call again, but still nothing. It must be the storm, I presumed, an electrical charge affecting reception. I was soon to learn, that the storm was not the cause, but a consequence of a change in our reality. The rain continued relentlessly, I made a decision to try to carry on. I turned the ignition, the car whined and moaned but would not start, I sensed it was not going to be my day. Banging my fists against the steering wheel, and gently hit my head against it as well, what was I to do? Closing my eyes, I wondered what to do next. I did not need to think long, a loud noise surprised me and I jumped back in my seat. In front of me, as if by magic, was a glimmering light. Effortlessly it danced across and around my car, like a ballerina pirouetting gracefully. It was amazing to watch, lightening must have struck my car. My heart raced, adrenaline rushed around me, then quiet screaming terror, enveloped my mind, as I witnessed a face, a blank expressionless face, staring at me. My heart pounding, my hands wet and clammy, the face covered my windscreen. I felt a heavy haze, then nothing, a blackout. I fell into non-existence.

I have no knowledge of the events that transpired, between then and now. All I know is after blacking out, my conscious thought, detached and separated from my body. Essentially meaning, I did not exist on Earth, I had briefly travelled to another reality.

An overwhelming sense of inadequacy scorched my mind, a realisation, an awful certainty that we are all meaningless. I slouched to the floor, dull pain, head of Morpheus, my eyes heavy, there was no point in going on, I concluded. Desolation was momentary, before returning to this reality, my reality, though not the reality I was expecting.

I did not move I had no mind, staring into the blackness.

For a while silence, then a sense I was not alone. I did not feel fear; I did not feel anything, though I sensed a presence. Closing my eyes, I resigned myself to wait; I did not have to wait long.

“Are you Maxwell Collins?” said a soft female voice.

“Yes,” I croaked, “but please, just Max.”

Appearing, as if out of thin air, a statuesque figure, a striking woman, tall and slender, she held out her hand and smiled.

“I am Diogenes the vessel of knowledge, holder of the light. You are the illuminator, to act as my scribe. You will tell your Collective Perspective, what it needs to know.”

“My wha...” I drooled, not of this world, head full of hazy blackness.

“Please relax,” she said so softly, like a purring cat.

“Who are you?” I stupidly asked.

“I have already told you,” she said, still so soft, so calm.

“Yes you told me your name, but who are you?”

“You are correct,” she said smiling, then as before she disappeared into thin air.

I must be dreaming. A lucid dream, a dream in reality, or was it something else I was not able to fathom or comprehend. The pitch-blackness pained my eyes; I wanted to see light but felt like drifting flotsam, floating effortlessly through space and time. How long had I been here, I was not sure, before I sensed another figure.

“Hello,” I whispered, “Is that you?”


“But...” I was confused, “you are a man.”

“I am no man or woman; I am Diogenes the vessel of knowledge, holder of the light,” said a deep hollow male voice. “You will now be prepared to increase your Evolutionary Perspective.”

“My what?” I said now even more confused. “You said Collective before?”

“Just listen, this is not going to be easy for you,” said the deep voice. “You will have to learn more than your present existence demands. This will happen in many ways, orally communicated, directly downloaded, visually stimulated and many other ways, you will not understand.”

My mind felt like a spinning top getting faster and faster, I thought of alien abduction. I thought of many things, I wished I did not think of, but I sensed goodness and truth, and this perplexed me.

“Please listen, relax, and confirm,” said the deep voice.

“Ok,” I squeaked.

“You are, from your perspective, an evolved biological species, inhabiting a rocky planet, orbiting a small star?”


“Let me finish, please.”

I thought he was finished, what could be next, I was not an astronomer or a physicist, surely, there were better people to save the planet. What were the consequences, if I did not know the answers? What if I was wrong or mistaken?

“Please, Max,” said the calm female voice, “We know you know the answers, but we need to hear it orally. Please just relax.”

“The small star, you call the Sun, is part of many stars, you call a Galaxy. Your Galaxy the Milky Way, is one of many Galaxies, you call a cluster. Your cluster the Local Group is part of larger clusters, which you call Super Clusters. Your Super Cluster is part of what you call the Cosmic Web, which you believe is down to gravity created by the mass of matter, and the invisible glue you call Dark Matter. All this you call the Known Universe, which you believe to be a tiny part of the whole Universe. Please confirm this is correct?”

“Err, I don’t know,” I spluttered confused, “I think so, but I’m no Astro-Physicist, I work in a bank.”

“Relax, Max, listen to what I told you,” said the soft calm female voice.

“Yes, it is correct,” I shouted assertively.

“Let your imagination run away with you now please. Sense this is the reality and flow with it.”

“Ok,” I said cautiously, I did not know what she meant.

“Imagine a Motorway, Freeway, Autobahn.”

“Yes, a motorway.”

“Imagine the motorway has an infinite amount of lanes, and it is infinitely long. Now imagine there are an infinite number of motorways, stacked one on top of the other infinitely. Can you imagine this?”


“Now, imagine a Russian doll,” said the deep voice. “Each layer of the doll is inside another layer infinitely, as well as outside a layer infinitely. Do you understand?”


“Now try to imagine, the dolls are placed on the motorway, side by side in all directions infinitely. On every motorway, and every lane, infinitely.”

“Wow, yes I do.”

“The Universe, the whole Universe you believe to exist in your reality is but one layer of one doll. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I believe I do.”

“Well done Max,” said the soft female voice, “you may save them.”

Them, the word rattled around my head like a timber built rollercoaster, round and round it went never stopping. Why did she use the word them, surely I am one of them?

Like a goldfish swimming in an aquarium, never realising, never knowing, why it continued to swim around, the memory span so small, the word disappeared, evaporated as though it never existed.

Before I realised what I was doing or thinking, a bright light filled the room, blinding white light, intense, intrusive, I covered my eyes it was unbearable. I shouted, I shouted as loud as I could, but no sounds left my lips, only emptiness, a hollow breathless nothingness, forced on me. Adrenaline, surged through my body, but it was not real, it was a creation, a delusion, my mind trying to compensate, unsure of its surroundings.

“Relax, Max, slow your mind, over ride your senses. You create your own reality, you decide,” said the voice, deep and slow, a cavernous droll, “what is real.”

The brightness slowly dimmed, a blurry, hazy canvas, was forming in front of me, I sensed, it felt like a watercolour, left out in the rain. Then a noise, a loud noise, I was sweating, soaking wet. I felt pain all over; shooting, agonizing, it covered my body. As the pain increased, the painting started to take shape, slowly changing colours, bright red, yellow, and blue. The bright light pierced my eyes.

“Sir,” I hear a voice, “Sir, can you hear me Sir, we are going to move you onto the stretcher, do you know your name.

My consciousness slowly returning, where am I? A man, a bright yellow man, was shouting at me, I felt confused, the pain was nearly intolerable, shooting all around my body; a continuous agony. Then I felt myself lifting, my mind was ebbing in and out of reality. My life force was continuously flowing, one way, then another. Tiredness, drowsy exhaustion, overcame me once more, finally I returned to blackness, and the emptiness of non-existence.

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