Monday, 15 November 2010

The Pointless Poem

In my mind these have a purpose even if they do not to anyone else, it is my minds ways of taking the jigsaw pieces and forming them into something tangible, something that might make sense.  I believe I will one day take all of the rubbish poems and somehow make good ones from them.  But at the moment they say something to me that others probably will not understand. 

If life were simple what would that mean?

Would it be boring and dull?

If life is easy what does that say?

If it’s not difficult, where is the fun?

If life was a clear road, and not a tangled bush,

Would it end in disappointment?

I don’t know I cannot say,

It seems one way and then it isn’t,

It goes one way and then it doesn’t,

It moves this way and then moves that,

It’s bloody strange and that’s a fact,

Will it ever be easy even for a short time?

To help to cope to bring back in line,

To realise the point of all this mess,

To end confusion, to end regret.

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