Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Two Hours to Impact

In two hours an amazing event will occur, it will be witnessed by the whole world and the world will never forget the experience and will be changed forever. Two hours until the world changes once more, two hours, until the beginning of the end. Two hours from the end of one age and the beginning of another.


These are the words from Thomas Kane, an extract from notes found many years after the disaster; they are the only account of the greatest disaster to hit Earth for millions of years.


For me personally it was a rough night which I will never forget, it’s traumatic to recall but I will try to recount the details as I remember them. My wife Claire, was in labour with our first child, she was one week late and I was trying desperately not to look nervous in front of her. At the time it was not widely known but many pregnant women were late. No one really understood what it meant then, or for that matter what was about to happen.

1:45hrs until impact. You may be wondering what impact I am talking about, as it has been written out of history. The whole sequence of events erased from time. The impact was an Asteroid, so large it’s incredible to think it was missed by every space agency. A massive hulk of rock, over one thousand kilometres in length was hurtling towards the inner solar system at an alarming rate. It had passed Mars without any fuss and now it was on course to pass Earth. How such a large rock had not been detected by the various satellites was never known by the population at large. It was very large, incredibly dense, and dark; these were the excuses given by NASA and the other space agencies.

Back on Earth, everyone continued their daily lives unaware of the disaster that was about to befall them. As I held my wife’s hand, I tried to comfort her tried to make her feel this was going to be a glorious event, our first child, the happiest day of my life. The doctor was now ready to induce her, although they did not seem concerned, this was normal procedure, I felt a little apprehensive.

1:30hrs until impact. Claire’s contractions are becoming closer and she was in a great deal of pain, I wanted to take the pain away. I wanted this to be over, she cried out for drugs to ease the passing of time, how much longer would we wait.

“I want it out!” She cried as the doctors started to show more concern. I felt her pain and suffering my helpless situation what could I do, how could I make this easier on her?

1:15hrs to impact. Alarms started to ring when she lost consciousness, she was bleeding badly, and the doctors wanted to operate immediately. They were prepping surgery, I remember my heart was beating faster than a humming bird; I was failing badly, trying to compose myself, and not to think terrible thoughts. I knew I needed to stay focused; I had to show her, how much I loved her, how much she and the baby meant to me, and that I was there for her and our unborn child.

The first warning of the asteroid was eventually picked up by governments and intelligence agencies around the world around this time. Although no-one knows this yet, crisis meetings were being held, trying to figure out how to stop a mass panic, the World was totally at the mercy of this giant Leviathan. No scientist, no Politian, not anybody, was going to be able to prepare for the impending doom.

1:00hrs to impact. Claire and unborn child were rushed straight into emergency surgery. I remember I prayed both would survive; I prayed as the tears ran down my cheeks, this was hard to take. Even now, I rack my brains thinking what I did wrong, what could I have done differently. The pain is still hard to bear, even now. Claire’s parents were there with me, they try to comfort me but they are feeling just as anxious, just as scared, they don’t want to think of what may happen. I try to stay positive, but they can see the desperation and pain in my eyes.

45 Minutes to impact. Claire went into surgery, we just had to hope.

30 Minutes to impact. We heard nothing from inside the surgery, I have a sinking feeling inside my stomach, I know something is wrong; surely it should not take this long. I try to find out what is happening but the doctors and nurses all have worried faces, they look terrified. Although I was not interested at this stage, I did notice the asteroid was headline news, they are saying it can be seen in the night sky. A glowing ball of rock in the sky, hurtling towards Earth, everyone is expecting it to hit Earth. Panic slowly starts to envelope the world, hospital staff frantically rush around preparing for the worst, but I did not care about any of this. I just wanted my beautiful wife and my unborn child, to live.

15 Minutes to impact. Joy at last, I have a son; I remember my heart leapt, I was so happy, the most amazing feeling. The nurse said he was healthy, I asked about Claire, but she did not seem so confident, she said I would have to wait and see. She had lost a lot of blood; the surgeons were trying desperately to save her.

7 Minutes to impact. Alarms started to ring everywhere; white clad assistants were running around the surgery, desperately trying to save her. Everything became a blur, so many alarm bells, sirens; I was confused lost in a trance. I could see through the surgery windows, my wife on the table, blood everywhere, as she slowly faded away. Everything happened at once, so quickly, my life changed at the same time as the lives of everyone on our planet.

5 Minutes to impact. I felt like my world ended, Claire was dead, lying on the operating table, too much blood loss, not enough oxygen to the brain. My love was dead, she meant everything to me, she was my whole world. My lover, my friend, my confidant, my everything. I ran, needing to be alone, I ignored cries, ignored everyone, I was lost in a trance, unable to focus or concentrate, I left I was in another world, a world where pain and misery are hammering me at every opportunity. Tears poured down my cheeks, and I walked slowly up to the roof. I sat down on the rooftop and look up at the sky; I could not control myself, so much grief, it was hard to cope, even now it is hard to write, I then noticed the bright flash heading across the sky, I did not care. I was trapped in nightmarish shadow, yet the sky is nearly on fire, as this huge bright light was heading faster and faster towards our planet. This meant nothing to me, I felt my life had ended before the impact.


As the tears rolled down my face, I watched the sky the bright light sped across at an amazing speed and then as if in slow motion, I watched it hit the moon. A brilliant blinding light, flashed brighter than anyone could imagine, it was night but now it was day, the sky was alive. The loudest, most thunderous roar hit Earth, a supersonic sound wave like no other, as if a million nuclear bombs detonated at once. I was thrown back to the floor, by the blast. I watched aghast in horror and disbelief at the amazing site before my eyes, the moon had changed into a massive ball of molten rock, burning bright, brilliant red, extreme heat as strong as the sun bearing down on us. A force greater than the power of the Earth; the surface of the moon was rapidly changing; it looked like a giant firework, molten rocks sprinkled around this massive glowing ball. Momentarily, I forgot my troubles, my beautiful dead wife Claire, and watch this spectacular site, but the heat was so extreme and I had to move inside. The city went black; all the lights were extinguished, as the shock wave beyond comprehension knocked out all communications on Earth. The most incredible site ever witnessed by man had just happened, yet all I can think about was Claire. It would be days, even months before the full extent of what we had all seen was understood, but by then it was too late.

Fear of an apocalyptic end to life spurs the ancient carnal instincts of man. A new clock is ticking and we are now 5 minutes into this new age. Little do we know the full damage caused by this asteroid hitting our moon, the affect is subtle but the evolutionary changes will be great.

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