Thursday, 4 November 2010

Never Allowed to Experience Freedom

One thing I did not talk about when discussing the documentary ‘No End in Sight’ and should be a lesson to all. Is how quickly a repressed, controlled, fearful, society, can turn to barbaric, savage, uncontrolled mayhem, once the shackles are released.

The more you imprison a human being, the more you take away freedom, and control their lives; the more you add fear, and oppression, and take away their rights. The more likely they will turn into deranged, psychotic beasts, because you have all this pent up emotion, this dreadful terror, finding its way to the surface.

It’s the dilemma of humanity, the urges of freedom against the hidden desires, and lusts, freedom allows us to explore. We need a mild form of control, but this control is increasing far too rapidly, it is invading our lives, and we are sick of it.

The first month after the Iraq War is a vile example of what can happen to civilised societies when they have not been allowed to ever experience freedom.

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