Sunday, 14 November 2010

Fate is sealed

As the papers were signed and his fate was sealed a wry smile crossed his face, his freedom was ended, the years of fighting were over. He found it difficult to take, he sighed with deep regret, the force of nature had finally been curtailed. How masterfully he had kept his secret, how stealthily he had wormed his way into a position of power, a position to take advantage of the change that had occurred. Now he was trapped, his options were limited, but he knew he would find a way to escape, at least he hoped he would. The series of events up to this moment had been beyond the unusual, bizarre in fact; a quite incredible circumstance, an amazing series of conditions leading to this point in time. As he stood waiting the end of the judges drawl; he was not listening, he was just imagining the beginning. The moment the decision had been made, the most significant decision of his whole life. He imagined making a different one, changing his mind, going back to that moment once more, reliving it, what if he had said no. What if, he had just ran there and then? He knew it was impossible, you cannot run away from fate, you cannot run from truth, love and honesty. He knew it was the only choice he could have made; making a different one would have been disastrous. Finally the Judge finished his speech, those final words etched in his mind.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

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