Friday, 5 November 2010

Not Perfect After All

I’m always trying to think of simpler ways to explain my Universe, Infinitiverse; Perspective based thoughts on what the Universe is? Can we define the Universe? Can there be a simple conclusion, a simple answer, instead of what we presently use, with its impossibilities, its anomalies, its parts that cannot be explained.

My idea was not complex; I just expanded the Evolutionary Theory to include everything in the Universe. Could it be that simple, that the Universe is an evolutionary entity, which has through time; changed, mutated, recreated, copied itself constantly and every time this procedure would bring a change in the essence of the Universe. The mutations, or evolutionary change, happen because of an environmental shift, so change and environmental shifting, work hand in hand, one precedes the other always, because the mutation or change is unlikely to be useful in the standard type of normal environment of the time. Not many entities have it, and when the shift is triggered, massive environmental changes will kill most of the present entities, but the ones with the unused mutation, can now use this advantage to survive when entities without the mutation died in their millions.

The amazing thing I find about the Universe is the fact it always finds an answer, it always finds away, it is close to perfect, but not totally perfect. I think that is one of the reasons I do not believe in god, is the fact if we were created in his imagine, why didn’t he make us perfect? Why did he make it painful to give birth? Why did he make a perfect planet then surround us with millions of deadly Near Earth Objects, even the large asteroids, of over 1km number in the several thousands. If we were created why make us so paranoid distrustful of change and other humans, suffer painful physical illness, and maddening mental illness. Why allow us to destroy our planet, with all of the pollutants, poisons, toxic waste, chemical waste, oil spills, Nuclear waste, if we were really a chosen one above everything else in intellect, and self awareness, why are we so stupid as to make these mistakes in the pursuit of wealth accumulation. As a race, us humans would sooner destroy a village, drive out the inhabitants, make them homeless, flatten the ground, to make a profit making plants like tobacco, or Opium. You could say we try to gloss over these inhumane atrocities, basically the difference between Cigarettes, and Heroine, is one is illegal the other is not. They both can kill you; they are both highly addictive, and filled with hundreds of toxins and carcinogens. If we were perfect, would you imagine anyone wanting to grow a planet that causes massive death rates in the world, or the other one that turns humans into walking zombies? I could add alcohol which of course is the biggest legal killer around, alcoholism causes marriage breakups, imprisonment, massive debt, loss of job. Yet we allow this madness to continue we do not realise the implications, it makes me laugh to think what is legal and what is illegal. And mostly it’s the legal ones that are the worst, painkillers have added codeine, not to help you with pain, but to soothe you and make you feel a sense of warming wellness. So it’s a powerful drug, part of the same plant as Heroine, millions of women are addicted to painkillers because of codeine, yet you never hear that one mentioned as a dangerous drug. There is addiction to sleeping pills, addiction to stimulants, addiction to anti-depressants, though after being on various different versions I find it hard to believe you could become addicted to anti-depressants. Others more subtle and yet well known, caffeine, a large Starbucks to start the day, I cannot imagine it is healthy for a human to have excessive caffeine in their systems. We promote eating more and more, for less and less, getting fatter and fatter, unhealthier, we are slowly killing ourselves through our own weaknesses and compromises, we find all too easy to justify.

Finally we need to realise that without our knowing it, time is already changing us daily, making each new version a better adapted human than the one before, even if only slightly different. As the environment changes we change with it, without even realising it. We have such an amazing opportunity to move humanity to the next level. And the present day human, is not the roadblock to continuous evolution, we are not the top we are just the next step. Something will always come to along to take our place, depending on the environment shift.

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