Thursday, 18 November 2010


What is fear? What is it like to be scared to death, to feel dreads awful grip tightening around your soul. What is terror? How does it feel to live inside the nightmare? Where can you go, what can you do? Do you see inside the dark places, can you see where fear lives? Does it dwell deep inside all of us, in the shadows, the blinding darkness. Fear is the uncontrollable urge, the enforcer, the dyer decision maker, the emotion that causes pain, and forces unnatural consequences. Fear sends the shiver up your spine, fear delivers you into the hands of evil, fear controls the weak. When you feel the trembling of your nerves, the racing of your heart, the surging desire to survive at all costs, then you are in the grips of fear.

The instinct to survive creates fear; the fight or flight, the live or die, the kill or be killed, but now when we are the supreme animals on this planet, the fear is not against the other animals that may want to kill you for food. It is against the other humans that are full of fear, fear of you and fear of others. We need fear, but need to feel afraid at times, because there are some who do not feel fear, they are never afraid. And now they are the ones you need to fear above all, for someone without fear is reckless, a risk taker, and maybe their lack of fear will ultimately be the reason for our doom.

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