Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Even More Ramblings from a Crazy Man

There is a sense of wonder inside my soul, it wants to learn all there is to learn; to know all there is to know. I want this sense to grow, to nurture; to eventually breakout of the constricting barriers we set around ourselves in everyday life. Like the roots of a tree I want to find new ground, fresh soil to flourish, to produce something beyond my capabilities as a human. I still do not know if this is possible, if it is feasible, but if it is, I will find a way to achieve it, I will break free. This is my strongest desire, the one that overrides all others, a determination to find answers to what, why and how. Maybe it is lunacy to think this way, but it is the only way I know how to think, it is the way that drives me forwards, the way I feel right about. You always know when something is right; you can sense the ease of flow, that inner belief, the instinctive urge beyond the realms of normality.

I sense others have similar feelings and thoughts, that they are part of something greater than the common man comprehends or understands, and this feeling is growing and growing exponentially every day, every month, every year, every time we release conscious thought into words and tell the world what it is we are all striving for, what it is we can all offer each other, as well as all other things, with this powerful tool we have trapped inside our heads, brains and bodies. I have read many spiritualists and teachers who feel this time of flowering is upon us now. This conscious change in evolution, the conscious change towards something more positive and beneficial to existence, the move away from instinctive animal urges to composed, intelligent thought. How this will happen is anyone’s guess, and whether we will even notice it happening is highly unlikely especially for most people. The sharpest sword of existence is there in front of us, we have managed to travel along the hilt and now we stand on the beginning of the blade. Whether we are able to stay on the blade until the end, who knows, will we fall to either side or be crushed, we will find out soon enough.

Enlightenment and darkness surround us, we have the choice to make, but will we make the right choice, or will we be deceived into make the wrong selection. Time will tell.

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