Thursday, 25 November 2010

A World Government

This is a wacky idea about how to create a stable world government, where every country had equal share and equal vote, for everyone. Now I know this is a long shot but it sounds plausible to me, Imagine there is a time when all countries worked together, and they all decided to create a World Government, but how?

How could you create something that everyone trusts, everyone believes in, and everyone wants, and is proud of. Firstly I would separate the World Government from normal politics, and create a questionnaire to find the best candidates; these candidates would run for elections, to see which candidate is the most popular choice to be part of a world government. The winner would be part of the World Government, which would be made up of the one person in each country to have taken the questionnaire and won the election vote. These people would then be asked to form a world government; each position would be a lottery between all of the winners with each one having a chance to be the first World President. The others would form the other positions, and they would be monitored by old winners, for four years. If the old winners thought a candidate was incapable of keeping his position he would be sacked and sent home. That territory would then not have the opportunity to send another winner for two years. The losses for not having a winner on the World Government would be great; the area without a winner on the world government would be at the bottom of the pile for every major decision, for a year. Knowing this should stop any chance of rebellion because they know it is only a year with the sanctions, then they can begin the candidate search, and then as long as they chose the correct candidate to be a winner, then they are fine. They also know if they fail to choose a correct one this time they may have to face another year of sanctions; this should hopefully make the incentive to find the right candidate, instead of picking the easiest one or only one more advisable. Slowly as the World Government becomes better it will grow to manage the great world improvement projects, nothing political, more humanitarian. Initially all the winners would stay four years then become the leader of their particular area; they would lead for four years, then pass over to the next winner, and so on. If you have the correct people psychologically, and they all work well together positively, because this is the type of person we want, but they also respect authority and honour humanity, and they can do things for the benefit of everyone and not just themselves and their own area. Whether you could create a questionnaire to find a perfect leader is debatable, yet we know so much about the mind and the brain, at least we think we do. When you think about it, would that be so hard, could it be done, we use psychometric testing in the work place; we have many personality tests, IQ tests, the on the job learning, skills learning, and more. If you start with a few countries, and begin to create utopia, others will want to join, like the EC, but with different laws to rule. If you take the best from every country and put them together and help them to produce benefits for the Earth, don’t separate them make them all equal then you are building many friendships, many trusts and loyalties. These values they will take back to their area and hopefully start to change and reform, and improve for the good of everyone, not just the few.

This unfortunately has one major flaw, the biggest mistake, the largest error, which means my idea is worthless. The one thing I didn’t factor is that we are humans, incapable of trust, incapable of learning from our mistakes, incapable of even wanting to create somewhere decent for all, not just the lucky few. Maybe someone in the far distance may understand what I am saying, as it is total lunacy in this day and age, we are far, far, away from being capable of something so difficult. And we would still be corrupted by something, and so the deceiving would begin, the lying, to hide ones failings, ones fears. We are nowhere near ready, not even close. I know it sounds crazy but I think it would work; at least it might, when we finally grow up as a species. So it will stay crazy, until then.

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