Friday, 12 November 2010

I have a Dream

Bloomin’ heck it was windy last night, the wind it roared and the windows rattled, I was convinced they were going to blow in. I know in Britain our ideas of windy are slightly different to other parts of the world, but still it’s been whistling and howling for hours now. I had to put my earphones in to get some sleep. In Britain anything that would be slight, insignificant weather in another parts of the world, is a catastrophe here; if it snows a couple of inches, the roads are nearly all closed, if the temperature gets below zero, the schools are closed and people are told to stay indoors. Even leaves on the railway tracks causes delays on the lines. We are a country without extremes, weather wise anyway, so we are always caught out, and make a big fuss over nothing, a bit like ‘Manflu’ I suppose. When our weather is windier, colder, hotter, wetter, whatever; it’s like Manflu weather, not really bad weather at all. Still it did take a while to get to sleep.

Mind when I did get to sleep what a strange dream I had. I woke up with Martin Luther King’s haunting words, ‘I have a dream’ playing in my mind, over and over again. The dream was even weirder, and though quite funny; you could say it was like a nightmare. A funny nightmare but still nightmarish; President Obama, had lost the presidential election and now a new man was in charge and he was a mafia boss, he was also blind; blind to the whole world. Every day he sat in the Oval Office and played draughts/checkers with the Vice President, who was his son, and he was deaf, he couldn’t hear anything. The referee was the Secretary of State who was his brother and he was dumb, so couldn’t speak to the world.

I found all this quite amusing in my dream but waking up hearing the wind howling, and the words, ‘I have a dream’ echoing in my mind. I now feel it’s quite haunting.

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