Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The International Space Station

The International Space Station is one of the greatest achievements of Planet Earth and humanity as a whole. It is one of those times we will be able to look back on, as well as look forward, and say we all worked together for a better vision. We will hopefully continue to see a big future with its development, its ingenuity, and say the developed world worked in unison to create something special in years to come.

So what is so special about the International Space Station, is it the thousands of parts created here on Earth then transported into space to be reassembled? Is it the sheer size of the undertaking meaning every year it grows and grows? Is it the fact we are learning so much about how space works and how we are able to survive up there? Or the many experiments that happen, which may help humanity back on Earth? I think the greatest one is the fact so many countries have invested in this Space Station.

USA, Russia, Europe, Japan, Canada are all the main contributors in the building and design of the structure, and other countries want to get involved, China, Brazil, South Korea. Maybe space will be the frontier than joins us together after all.

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