Saturday, 20 November 2010

What’s Important?

Have you ever asked yourself that question, what’s important, to you personally.  What would you think of, what would you say? I can imagine everyone has their own versions of what is important, but what is truly important is in essence the same for everyone, as it should be I think. Continued good health must be the priority above all others in importance, because without this all other things that maybe seem more important, become far less so. Not enough people would put good health at the top of their importance list, but it should be everyone’s most important. Someone to love you and be in love with you, and you sharing that same love and feelings towards them, a soul mate, a best friend, a loyal companion.  Someone you would give your life for, someone you trust with everything, so much so you want to have children together and raise a family, a loving family, a strong family.  You want the best for them always; sharing of love, peace and happiness; sharing excitement and joy, sadness and pain, sharing a closeness, a bond. What’s important is feeling content, satisfied, fulfilled and proud of your achievements, aware of your success and your failings. To know the difference between right and wrong, to stand up for your beliefs and never betray a friend, to feel loyalty and friendship.

To me these are all what’s important, and I hope someday, I will have the chance to see them all come true.

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