Monday, 1 November 2010

What is God?

You know what I feel, what I understand about everything that exists, the reasons we pine for a god, the reason is we are all an essence of something greater, and more powerful than we can ever imagine.  We crave the one god, the one person in our eyes to explain the miracle we see around us every day.  But maybe, it is not a one god we are craving, but a desire to share a kindred oneness with the Universe, and all other things that exist in it.  We are a small part of this and we are made up of it, we exist because of it, and we find it hard to wash it away with cold hard facts.  I know why people are religious because in a way everyone has their own religion, identity, and status.  My religion says there is something about the universe we are part of that is more alive than we know or realise. It is likely that many higher powers exist but are not what a human accepts as a god figure or supernatural being.  The Universe or Infinitiverse is incomprehensible to a human at present.  Though I believe it is far more than the physical world, and we will soon know without the need for faith, the biggest of questions, why are we here? Why do we exist? What is the Universe? What is life? What is God?

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