Monday, 29 November 2010

The Fog of Negativity

The heaviest shadow falls, slowly it covers everything; effortlessly it smothers you, envelopes you, sending you lower and lower, down further into oblivion. Moving gradually downwards, thick, and toxic, breathless are its clouds of gloom; the gaseous, hellish asphyxiation, choking, squeezing the life out of your soul. Damning everything to an eternity of nightmares, the blanket of malevolence, is all enclosing, full of lifeless death, full of emptiness, nothingness, meaningless. Wayward blindness, all consuming, deadliness, unnoticeable, total inconceivable, always thought improbable, but still it exists, and moves among its victims like a ghostly plague. Snaking its way, sniffing out its pray, lurking behind insignificance, prowling every corner, waiting for its chance to strike. The doom of existence is its nourishment, the life-force, the joy, the happiness, the excitement, and most of all the love. As it hangs above skulking, eyeing out the many victims below, balanced on the edge of time, always patient, never hurried it will take its time before finding its next sufferer, its next pray.

Shield yourself against its shadows, never become lost inside its darkness, hope you have the strength to fight back; pray you have the anchors to hold you in place. Notice when the blindness hits you, pay attention to the change; for it is subtle, it is faint, but it is always definite. Don’t get stuck within the glue of hellishness; don’t forget there is a way out, always remember the love around you, disregard the fog of negativity, the pessimistic thought, the blanket of toxicity, the cruel intention.

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