Thursday, 4 November 2010

The War to End all Wars

And so the two great worlds stood face to face, the awe and majesty of each worlds army, each worlds wealth, each worlds destructive capability, was set out before us. The raging hell, the burning hatred, the desire to annihilate every living thing on their enemies plane, leave nothing alive, kill, slaughter, exterminate everything. The collision was to be absolute. The winner would be the victor for all eternity; the stakes could not be higher. As the billions waited, tension building, silence piercing the air like a blinding blade of malice, the great generals waited for the moment. Who would start the bloodlust? Who would be the decider of infinite death? Who would be the one?

Hours passed, time seemed to stand still, the wait, an excruciating agony, restless conscripts, prayed for life. Veteran mercenaries prayed for death, the blood was boiling they knew glory was not far away. Slowly from the far reaches, a sound started to rumble, it grew slowly, until it was a roar, the deadly roar, as loud as hell itself. Then chanting, and screaming, and venomous evil, a cacophony of wicked sounds, impatient movement, the troops wanted to begin the last nightmare.

The sky went dark, a blackness never witness by any being, lightening then lit up the sky, brilliant scars of death, the immortals were watching from above. Then deadly silence and the arm fell, the signal went out at the speed of light. The war to end all wars, the battle for supremacy was about to begin.

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