Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Next Step

Certain key themes seem to raise their heads throughout history, one being; we live in dreadful times and the end of the world is near. The second is that a hate figure is the cause, and third that a special super being will come and save the day. Isn’t it strange, we seem to allow this thinking to control our lives; we want to believe in a saviour someone who will set us free? But if and when a saviour arrives, they will not bring the end of evil, the end of hardship, then a great battle between good and evil, the Armageddon. The will unite the world in harmony and peace, they will bring trust to everyone, they will tear down the divisions, they will change the consciousness of humanity forever. Then we the people of the world will bring the end of evil, the end of hardship and misery. I believe when the consciousness of all humanity is striving for the same goals, the same freedoms and not just the freedoms of the few who believe as you do, but all people. When we are all pulling in the same direction then the next evolution will begin. Once we think as one, and not as enemies or divided groups with different viewpoints, we will be able to communicate on a higher level with the rest of the Universe. I don’t mean take away a man’s free will and unique individuality as a person, I mean, the segregation and divisions, caused by distrust, deceit, greed, power and control.

The antichrist of today is greed, selfishness and inequality, the messiah is the one to end the misery for all and bring peace to all, a decent living to all, no more wars, no more unnecessary death, and hunger. They won’t bring joy to the chosen few and death to everyone else; they will bring the beginning of the next step, in the evolution of this planet.

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