Friday, 12 November 2010

The Weather

Since the wind is blowing here is another one of my less than good poems.  Well at least its better than feeling like crap like I did at the beginning of the week.  What will the weekend bring.  It stops abruptly because I couldn't think what to add at the end, I know when I write a decent poem because it ends properly.  That is why I know most of my poems are rubbish because they don't, still that is not the purpose of them.

The weather it is funny,

And unpredictable,

Sometimes it can be sunny,

And others miserable,

Mostly it is cloudy,

Some white but often grey,

Occasionally it gets really hot,

And everyone says hey,

A lot of time it rains,

And rains and rains and rains,

And everyone is sick because it blocks the drains,

It can get really cold and snow,

A blanket of brilliant white,

But then its turns to slush,

What a depressing sight.

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