Sunday, 31 October 2010

Healing Hypnosis

I feel light today, incandescent, luminescent, a radiant bloom of youthful joy, umm like apple crumble and custard. I wish this was a feeling I could have more often, where did it come from? It is a new feeling, a warm feeling on a cold and gloomy day. I woke up at some ridiculous time this morning it was nearer to midnight than it was to dawn, it was early and I had a terrible sore throat, it had been getting worse for a few days. A friend said there was a bout of something called white throat, I think that is what he said. People had sore throats with white spots at the back of the throat. My mind imagined these white pustules, filling the back of my throat as I lay there, with each swallow; I sensed razors slicing slowly across these white furuncles.

I decided to try something, I had recently added some hypnosis tracks to my IPod, they were my attempt to try and sleep, I had tried many other methods and now I was at the hypnosis stage. One of the tracks I noticed was a healing track, and so I listened to it intently, it slowly lulled me into a trance, and I went deeper and deeper, and into a garden, and down some stairs, deeper and deeper I went. In front of me was a great hall, and a healing room. I entered the healing room, and lay and the marble bench. Above was pure white light, and around me many crystals, I chose some crystals and created a spectrum of light. The track said choose, a golden colour for the heart, and a green colour for the joints, and I chose a blue colour for my throat, and red for my mind. I felt a wave of enlightened warmth fill me, I felt it in all the places I imagined the light to go to, I willed myself to firmly believe the light was working to heal me to take away my sore throat.

Now some 8 hours later, I have no sore throat, I have no tennis elbow either, which has been giving me jip was months. And my knees feel great too.

Now the question is was it the hypnosis, or was it my mind? Or was it a mixture of the two, the hypnosis unleashed the potential of the mind to heal the body. Wow wish it worked like that all the time, then again I will try tomorrow something else and see if that works. It doesn’t work with sleep though now I know it does work it may work with sleep, that is how weird the mind is or at least my mind.

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