Thursday, 21 October 2010

Best of all Worlds

This is about the most hypocritical thing I am have written, but since I am being a hypocrite this week I will continue. I very rarely live in the middle, in what others would call a normal state of mind, my middle constantly changes from, crazed, happy, deluded mania, one side, to deep dread darkness the other, and many others extreme ways as well. But that is me a human being; maybe it is because I am so much like an election swingometer, that I see the sense in larger issues especially political issues being more based on ‘find the best one’ and use type of thinking. Instead of the present concept of I am right or left, socialist or capitalist, democracy or dictatorship, which is rather limiting. Why can’t we use the best of all worlds to improve the lives of the world?

As I have written, I am sceptical about manmade global warming, which is rightwing, but I want to tone down or even end religion, which is more left wing. I want to see the end of greed and exponential profit making ideology, which is left wing, but I also don’t want some tree hugger, environmentalist, ruining my life with unnecessary taxes, right wing. I want to be free to go where I choose and not be restricted by a nation’s right to say, “No! You can’t enter”; which is left wing. But also know that there is a strong enough police force, doing an excellent job of stamping out crime and violence and making it safe to walk the streets, without fear of being attacked, or my car stolen, or my house burgled, which is right wing. I want the best from both sides of the argument, not just one side, because one side has many parts that are not good. How do we achieve this? I do not know the answer to that question, I hope we will figure it out one day, put political agenda’s behind and move forward together, I hope that the coalition government here in Britain is a starting point for that sort of attitude. We have been the beginning of so much reform in the past, let’s hope it continues.

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