Thursday, 28 October 2010


My eyes do see the world in all its splendour,

The blueness of the sky,

The greenness of the trees,

The golden yellow of the sun,

The clear crispness of the breeze.

My ears do hear the worldly subtle sounds,

The birds a singing,

The barking dogs,

The chatter of humanity,

The water from streams trickling against the rocks.

My mouth does taste the delicious recipe,

The finest wines,

The freshest produce,

The succulent fruits,

The sweetest most heavenly desserts.

My nose does smell the scent of Earth,

Fish and chips,

Baking bread,

The sweat of life,

The sensual fragrance of perfume.

The body does feel the touch of life,

The stroke of soft fur,

The caress of a gentle face,

Emotional sensitivities,

The longing embrace of love.

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