Saturday, 30 October 2010

Descended from Africa

Thinking further on the notion we are all descended from a few thousand humans from East Africa, it is hard to imagine such an instance. So everyone else around the world, I don’t know how many human settlements existed before 75,000 years ago; but none of them survived. You would think if it was of a super volcano in Sumatra, that the people living on the west coast of Africa would have a better chance of survival than the ones on the east. Unless Sumatra was tectonically speaking in a different place back then, were the continents far different, I am not sure? I presume we had not travelled far around the globe either, because you would expect if people lived in the Americas they would have survived, and in Europe. What if somewhere, there are people with DNA slightly different and not originally from the East African; cradle of humanity? If their numbers were few, they have probably been swallowed up by the billions of us descendants of Africa. It might make a cool story though, they may have special powers, and you could make some kind of superhero based on it.

In the farthest depths of northern Europe a tribe unlike any other was found, they had powers unknown to the rest of humanity, and their DNA did not originate from Africa. They were an elusive breed, similar to a human being but also different. They had survived the power of Toba, and lived in isolation for many millennia. Now the race of different humans, the neo-humans have decided to show themselves and to rule the world – AH HA HA HA HAAA!!!

We are the Numans, prepare to be enslaved!!!

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