Sunday, 24 October 2010

Breakdown the Borders, End the Divisions

A few years ago when I was more nationalistic and thought like many others that the alarming rise of illegal immigrants was going to cause problems in Britain, a friend, said to why should it matter. Anyone should be able to go where they choose, why should anyone be restricted?

Now years on, I know what he means, we have too many borders, boundaries, divisions in our world, instead of labelling ourselves, by country, race, religion, geography, whatever the division is, we should recognise we are all humans, living on one planet, Planet Earth.

I hope I am wrong but at times, I feel the only thing that will unite our species, will be the discovery of another species from another planet. And we will become even more united if that other species decides to attack us.

We all worry about overcrowding and people paying their way, but if we were to take down all the barriers, the United Countries of Earth, all working in unison and harmony. A New Earth, where you can live where you want, and enjoy the same standard of living. Where ever you decide that is, whether it is Eastern Europe, Mongolia, Australia, Canada, even Britain or the US, you would have that choice.

At the moment here in Britain people are worried about immigration, especially unskilled workers entering our country taking jobs. Well if we were to somehow find equality in living standards across the world then these issues would disappear. I know there are some beautiful parts of the world; no one wants to live in, because of the country the area is part of, and the poverty existing there. We have to start to seriously think how we will achieve this, before it is too late.

Countries like Brazil, with 90% tropical rainforest, would be able to stay 90% tropical rainforest, we could make areas for wildlife, human free, so they can have the equality we enjoy. In the present country based system, countries have to rely heavily on their own resources, but it is destroying the world we live in. Now as I have mentioned many times, I am not some tree hugger, I think they aren’t interested in humanity. I want equality for everything, if possible, how we do this where all are happy, humans, and animals, I don’t know to be honest. One thing I do know is that making more divisions and being pigheaded, and idealistic and not willing to see the bigger picture is foolish. Weigh up all the options and use them for the advantage of everyone not just the few. Not just your country, or your religion, or your race, or even your company or career.

I don’t want to think we have to rely on aggressive conquering aliens to make our species realise we are all one, all human, all of Earth.

Divided we fall, united we succeed.

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