Sunday, 31 October 2010

How to Create Artificial Gravity in Space

Before I write this, I want to assure people that this is just a flight of fancy, wild imagination, and in no way based on any knowledge of the science behind how this may work. It was thought of as an aid to constructing the concept of artificial gravity, for My Universe. I have hummed and hawed about whether I should add it as pure imagination, but I have just found it written in one of my note pads, so here it is.

How to create artificial gravity in space

To create artificial gravity involves basic deception, you have to deceive the brain of the human and the brain of the spaceship or station. Start by creating a virtual centre of gravity for the space station or ship, like a weight on the end of a crane, outside the space station, ship etc. Once established, change the air pressure inside the spaceship, station, object, or whatever, so that it is also a virtual representation of Earth’s ground pressure. Once the two are in unison, force the air in the direction of the centre of gravity. Add a weak magnetic field to the floors and make sure it attracts any object above it.

When I thought of this, it was to help me with my book (no never, you will say). Yes I theorised this concept so I had a plausible (at least in my mind) way to create artificial gravity. Even though I know it is not likely to work, well let’s say the probability of winning the lottery is more likely than my artificial gravity idea being correct. But I was chuffed with the idea.

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