Sunday, 17 October 2010

A to Z

I wrote this without thinking about it, there is one tiny deliberate mistake, but hey it’s only a bit of fun, it quite easy to do, you should try it, you write a poem or whatever and each line is the next letter in the alphabet. Unfortunately it falls into the messy painting category, but so what...

As time goes by,

Before the end of the day,

Cold winds do blow,

Desolate and unforgiving,

Everything is getting darker,

Foreboding, freezing cold,

Gone is the golden summer,

Hello we say to autumn,

In front of me is silence,

Joyless gloom, and rain,

Knowing what is around the corner,

Longer nights,

Miserable winter not far behind,

Nobody likes being cold,

Old and infirm shiver,

People try to wrap up warm,

Quickening their step,

Rush around to keep in heat,

Snow is falling all around,
Trying not to slip,

Until finally spring arrives,

Vast waves of people smile,

Waiting for the summer,

Xcitement all around,

Yes it’s finally arrived,

Zestful warmth and happiness

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