Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A poem about a day

Thanks for the healing thoughts from whoever sent them :-)

Here is a poem I wrote a while ago, near the beginning of the year, it was one of those wonderful days when all goes well.  I wrote the Universe poem (that is at the beginning of my blog) on the same day and two short stories, so it was incredibly good day creatively.  Not sure why it has taken me this long to add it as it is one of my best ones.  The key to understanding the poem and what it is about, and if you have read the rest of my blog then it should be easy to figure it out now.  Maybe that is why I have waited so long.


What could you say, about this fine day?

Was it warm, was it sunny?

Did I win lots of money?

Did we win the World Cup or the Premier League?

Oh no, that's a daydream, too hard to believe.

What could you say, about this fine day?

Am I funnier, or smarter?

Did I become a new father?

Did I save someone's life or did someone save mine?

Did I find a new love, a soul mate for all time?

What would you say, about this fine day?

It is snowing, it is freezing

I cannot stop sneezing

The car will not start, as the battery is flat

The path is so icy, I slipped, that was that.

What would you say, about this fine day?

I am older and fatter

As mad as a hatter

We're out of the cup, and I lost my phone

The government says chin up, there's no need to moan.

What did I say, about this fine day?

I have peace, I have health

To me that's real wealth

Life can always be better, sometimes it's not great

I wish it were easy to find a hot date.

What did I say, about this fine day?

Life changes, things happen

You have to keep laughing

We will win the World Cup, we will win the League

Though I still think the latter, is hard to conceive.

What did the fine day, say about me?

Live life to the full

No need to be dull

Appreciate every moment, and enjoy every day

As life is too short, no time to delay.

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  1. Hi, this is Sunrayvista... It would be GREAT in a poetry slam sort of thing where it has to be spoken to people. I love it, love it, love it. Great post :)