Monday, 4 October 2010


Time, it’s a strange old thing; we have daytime and night time, morning, afternoon and evening. We notice midday noon, and midnight, breakfast time, lunchtime and dinner time. Time is all around us we are driven by time, it keeps our body clock in order, it stresses us when we feel we are losing time. What is time though? What is the slow tick tock of time?

I mentioned before that to me time is nothing, it is virtual anomaly, it is a human creation, the foundation of a stable society. Without time the world would not work, we would not be able to schedule, to plan, to develop as effectively as we do. But can the time we use on Earth be used throughout the Universe, I know people will call me crazy but I don’t think so, time is a human perspective, it is the repetitive motion of our planet, around the Sun. We base time on the revolutions of our planet, which is 24 hours. We then use the cycles of the Moon to roughly create the months, then we use the long cycle the cycle around the Sun to create years. We use years for everything; how far light travels in a year, how old the Universe is, but for some weird reason I feel we cannot use time for before we existed and before the Earth orbited the Sun. OK it is a mad idea but everything before the birth of civilised humanity or the Sun, is retrospective, in a weird sort of way. I know we can theorise about the age of things far from Earth, but it is incredibly vague, we may think it is precise, but how precise it is? I don’t know, maybe a cosmologist will start screaming at me and my thoughts, but that is all it is thoughts. I am probably wrong, but it all doesn’t seem right to me.

So in conclusion, we need time on planet Earth it is the invisible motion forward to keep us all in check, but as far as the Universe is concerned I think over time, we will realise another form of measure. Whatever it maybe.

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