Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Glorious Dream

Not tired and a little bored, so thought of this, it’s a bit whimsical and well a bit luvvy duvvy mush, but hey that’s how I feel when a beautiful woman walks past me.

Across the misty due of the morning, the radiant warmth from the orange, red sun slowly opens it eyes on a bright new day. Across the fields of lush, damp, grass, across the trees in blossom, and the rainbow coloured flowers in bloom. The day is dawning, its wakes, a sigh, a longing gaze, delightful tenderness, a youthful freshness, begins the morn.

I watch, I wait, I notice, I see, the most beautiful creation, so delicate, so quaint, enchanting, mesmerising, a smell like silky heaven, she flows past, without effort, without care. Her striking features stand out, her flowing raven hair, eyes as dark as a solar eclipse, lips lush pale rouge, pouting, desirably. She’s wearing a brilliant white three quarter Mac, large belt across her tiny waste, its length, long enough to only show the bottom of her black skirt. Her legs are slender, perfect pins, long, lustrous, sensual, she glides slowly away from where I stand. My eyes transfixed, my mind betwixt, my heart a flutter, my mouth so dry, my body quivers and I cannot move, glued to the spot. Hypnotic trance its lasts so short a time, then fleetingly gone, within the blink of an eye, my daze rescinds, as my mind clears. And then she’s gone forever.

My heart is racing, pounding with all its might; I look around, quick anxious glances, where did she go, this heavenly dream, where did she disappear too? I sigh, a lonely sigh, dejected, forlorn, in contemplation. I shrug, I smile, I realise, I must have been trapped in a glorious dream, a wonderful feeling, I was mesmerised, lost in splendid aspiration. Now my day would be a better day, a happier day, a special day because of one small glimpse at her perfect beauty and grace.

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  1. Store these wonderful feelings and know that you can have access to them for other times - after all - you created them.