Sunday, 24 October 2010

Crop Circles – What’s it all about?

I admit to being quite gullible at times, definitely more gullible in the past before maturity, commonsense and an air of cynicism entered my life. I freely admit that when I was younger mysterious, conspiracy type stuff intrigued me. Though as I have said most conspiracies I find unlikely or not possible, and this is what I thought of crop circles. A load of strange people running around fields creating weird geometric patterns.

Then I watched a documentary which went into more detail, it outlined the supposed differences between man-made crop circles and real ones. It was incredibly thorough, and I thought umm maybe there is some truth, because you have to admit, some of them are spectacular. What created them if not man? Since I have to believe, because it is the most logical answer; that man created them for whatever reason. The question has to be asked why?

Now if you are not familiar with the crop circle phenomena, it started in the south of England, when I don’t know and became very popular in the 80’s and 90’s. They mysteriously spread around the world, and have been seen in Mexico, and the US.

It is said that real crop circles have certain characteristics that man-made ones do not have, strange anomalies like exploded plant stem nodes, and high levels of tiny iron microspheres, as well as intricate interwoven stems. It all seems strange and paranormal doesn’t it?

I don’t know to be honest, it seems a weird way to live your life, to go around fields after dark creating patterns of such amazing complexity, and then not take credit for it. Why anyone would wake up one morning and go, I know I’ll get my mates together and we will go make a crop circle. Maybe one or two groups might decide to do this but clearly there are many around the world. Then again human beings are incredibly strange and do the weirdest things for self gratification. Mind I can think of far better ways to get my jollies than standing in a field all night patting down wheat. Do they have jobs, or do these circles pop up on weekends after the pubs close?

It’s a strange one, my more mature, cynical self says it’s a big hoax, that some people get pleasure from performing, and my older more gullible side would love to think there is a more spiritual path to it all. In some way another dimension trying to communicate through geometry, wouldn’t that be nice.


  1. of course, the most logical thing is that there is nothing human or spiritual about it. It's just a bunch of non-earth dwelling creatures coming here now and again to check on our progress and estimate the time they can come back on mass to suck out our brains. Why do aliens need to be spiritual? If anything they will be a bunch of ego filled bastards with art degrees from a not-in-this-solar-system university. I've seen some of the ones people have admitted doing overnight to 'prove' that they are all man made. It was like looking at Katie's (Age 5) picture of her mum with six fingers and a head the size of a mini cooper drawn in crayon against the Sistine Chapel. Clearly both of these artistic creations were made by the same artist after the pub closed. I'm not buying it. Sunrayvista

  2. haha brilliant thanks for all your comments, I don't know what it is about crop circles. I don't think it is UFO's though.