Saturday, 30 October 2010

I have found more wise words of advice for my list; they were tucked away on another page. I have also reread the list and found some of the statements are similar, or of similar type. This is mainly due to the fact I did not change the list from its original writing on my notepad. It also only took about an hour to compile, it was one of those moments where pure thought and direct access into the subconscious occurs. The writing flows without any conscious thinking, it just happens, like being in a trance.

91. Measure success on your own merits and never measure yourself against others, it is counterproductive. Only try to better yourself and be yourself, do not try to compare with someone else.

92. Do not make decisions without the full facts; you may be missing that vital clue.

93. Overconfidence is dangerous, never underestimate anything, or overestimate your own abilities.

94. Never speculate unless you have no choice, and if you have to do this, make sure you use the knowledge of past experiences to help.

95. Do not dwell on the past, learn from it. Learn the positives and avoid repeating the negatives. Remember your past made you who you are today, whether you like it or not.

96. Prejudice is divisive and serves no purpose. Divided we fall, together we succeed.

97. Not everyone is a good decent human; learn from past experiences and information, on how to recognise bad/destructive/negative people.  Evil selfish people are everywhere.

98. Gain greater understanding of timing.

99. Learn to recognise your instinctive senses, but do not automatically trust them. If you have a sixth sense about something, test out the assumption before using it. If it cannot be verified it cannot be trusted.

100. Life is short, enjoy it.

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