Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Day You Hope

Another one line, after another game of squash, put key in the door and there it was... The day the child inside you dies.  I am very morbid at times, but it seems much easier to write poems about dying or death or the imminent arrival of death.  Death is not a morbid or depressing topic to me, you see I believe we will carry on, how I haven't a clue, I doubt we'll see any angels, cherubs, god or the pearly gates, but anything is possible I suppose.

The day the child inside you dies,

The day you laugh no more,

The day you feel that selfish pity,

The day you start to slow.

The day you want to day to end,

The day you say goodbye,

The day you sense no more tears,

The day you want to cry.

You hope that day is long away,

You hope it will never come,

You hope and hope your life is young,

You hope for peace and freedom.

You hope when finally you reach the end,

You hope you will have some dignity,

You hope that you have been well loved,

You hope no one will pity.

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