Friday, 8 October 2010

No Beginning and no End

All, everything, the whole, has no beginning and no end. All happens at once, every possible outcome, every possible cause and effect. There is no forward and no backwards, there is just a perpetual loop of continuous eternal existence. Nothing starts or finishes, it just changes, manifesting, evolving into infinite possibilities. Imagine that, constant change, constant evolution, forever, without conclusion.

Yet even though it is constantly growing, forever amassing newness, it is always whole, it is always everything. It can only ever be this way, it can only ever be full, or empty, never half, never quarter, this is the way of the Infinitiverse.

How can it be empty, nothing, if it is whole and full? Well for every positive there is a negative, for every right, there is a left, and so for everything there is also nothing. From nothing, something magical can form, if you clear your mind, empty it of all thoughts, dwell in the deep effortless flow of serenity. You can, if you are lucky, find a special thought and from that spark of electricity, from that glimmer of light, an amazing conscious idea can evolve.

We humans have to see all as beginning and ending, without this we would probably not be able to exist; we would be confused and unable to focus. But if we can for a brief time try to imagine the wonderful reality around us, as having no beginning and no ending, just existing in perfect harmony. If we can try to imagine that, we will be all the better for it.

I am quite sure many people around the world try it every day when they meditate, or clear their thoughts, for meditation is a humans way to seeing the Infinitiverse without beginning and without end. Unfortunately not enough do, and I will admit to being one, but at least at times I try to find this form of peace, to clear the tangled web in my head to enter the realm of infinite possibilities. To clear the clutter and gain some kind of kindred spirit with myself and what I am. I just wish I was better at it, better at seeing the world without time, without form, without the clutter. To see everything in all its splendour and glory, to see its beauty without beginning and without end.

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