Saturday, 30 October 2010

The List

It is early I have been awake for quite a while, it is still dark outside, the quiet depths of the night are still all around. I have found a list of things I felt would be important, I wrote the list when I thought I was happy or on the right track. It would be the last time I was deluded into thinking I was happy, around May/June 09. The nightmare was about to take its hold on me and I spiralled very quickly into despair. I wish now I would have written this in type and then had my blog to add it to, as some of the thoughts would have been helpful. I will write out the full list as it is and then we will see how happy I really was. The weird thing is I know this stuff well enough to write it, but I don’t have the foresight to use it. Or I am not clever enough to action it, some of the stuff is obvious, some is probably rubbish. I know I have borrowed ideas and concepts from others to make this list, and that it is not all my creativity.  But the list was to help me, unfortunately it did not at the time.  Oh one other thing the list is not in any order, it is just the way I read the pages, as I was using the only blank pages I could find in that notepad. 

1. Learn to recognise value and worth.

2. Know when you are wrong and learn from it.

3. Learn to off load deadweight and potential blocks of emotional weakness.

4. Recognise when to use good ideas or concepts, trying to fit a good idea into the wrong situation never works. Understand this and remove it and use at a more appropriate time, it may be useful then.

5. Exercise your mind and try to think of ways to improve both consciously and subconsciously.

6. Never sit back and gloat.

7. Wake up and notice things, everything.

8. Always treat a stranger like you would treat a friend; never try to see people differently.

9. Humans have the amazing ability to learn to like things quickly, even if they don’t initially. Through evolution we now can quickly adapt to a new something; whether it be environment, food, culture, information at rapid speed, know this.

10. Learn to understand and recognise your natural talents, everyone is naturally gifted at something, but most people either neglect it or do not know they have it. They use it for negative reasons or for reasons they are unaware of.

11. Figure out your natural talents and use the positive feelings and energies to help improve the aspects of yourself you are not good at.

12. Do not blindly believe or follow bad information or communications, understand most of what we know is either misunderstood, incorrect, altered, speculation, or enhancement. And what we think is correct can likely be improved on.

13. Everyone has the ability to improve and better themselves. Learn to gain pleasure from the small improvements, as lots of small improvements make a large improvement.

14. Never kiss ass!

15. Don’t deceive yourself or others.

16. Compliment people especially women, and make people feel special. They will feel better and so will you. Do not do this for gain though, do it because it is natural to be pleasant.

17. Don’t let problems fester (I wish listened to this one).

18. Try to not put too much unnecessary pressure on yourself. You can push yourself, without it becoming high pressure and stressful. Although many situations provide extreme pressure, make sure you release it, as it shortens mental effectiveness.

19. Have a purpose in life. If you don’t figure one out, life is shorter without a purpose.

20. Know you are special and try to tell yourself that.

21. Never become obsessed, with goals/objects/people or persons.

22. Think for yourself, draw your own conclusions, and don’t take someone else’s word.

23. Try not to be gullible or cynical, try to recognise truth, from the clues presented to you.

24. Feel peace and joy.

25. Try to not be a Marty McFly from ‘Back to the Future’.

26. If you are given advice, do not immediately accept or dismiss it. Take your time to judge it on its merits, and its usefulness and compatibility to what you know at the time. If it helps use, it is doesn’t discard.

27. You can remove bad habits by focusing on good habits.

28. No one tells the truth all the time, remember that.

29. People will lie for their benefit, remember that also.

30. Be wise.

31. If you think you will fail, then you will fail.

32. Nothing is easy, if it is, then you are ready for the next step, or you are not doing it right.

33. Do not feel sorry for yourself.

34. Learn to recognise all benefits, including the indirect ones. You can do something for no benefit but the consequences of that good turn, gain you a benefit larger than you imagined.

35. Learn something from everything you do.

36. Learn how to handle negative emotions.

37. Do not be disheartened when you experience a lull, or a dip in performance or luck.

38. Learn from and realise why you make mistakes.

39. Do not make the same mistake twice.

40. Learn about human instincts, behaviours and psychology.

41. Recognise and avoid bad/disruptive/negative people. They only want to ruin your life and others.

42. Know who you can trust.

43. Know also that someone you trust may not trust you.

44. And that someone you trust, you might be wrong about.

45. Practice constantly to improve things you want to improve.

46. Train your brain continuously.

47. Test yourself always.

48. Learn from successful people.

49. Learn from History.

50. Read everything thoroughly.

51. Learn new things always.

52. Try to be different and not follow the crowd.

53. Try to not focus on money; instead focus on what you would do with the money.

54. Try to not be selfish, but also do not be selfless.

55. Always praise goodness, and encourage everyone.

56. Know your fears and learn to control them.

57. Rest, relax, exercise and learn.

58. Understand boredom and how to never be bored.

59. Know time management and how to prioritise.

60. Focus on one thing at a time.

61. Try to understand the other person’s point of view.

62. Realise everyone is different and the same.

63. Be sincere and truthful.

64. Have honour and respect for yourself and your fellow man.

65. Learn to control the voice inside your head.

66. You have to want to improve yourself.

67. Be honest with yourself and others.

68. Understand your strengths and weaknesses.

69. Try to be positive always.

70. Gain strength from others; learn their good points especially from high achievers.

71. Learn to recognise negativity, the doom sayers, telling you, you will fail.

72. Focus.

73. Concentrate.

74. Believe in yourself 100%

75. Have goals, lots of goals.

76. Have large goals to work towards.

77. Have smaller goals, which will build up to the larger goals.

78. Show enthusiasm in everything you do.

79. Be aware notice things.

80. Always show respect to everyone you meet.

81. Use commonsense.

82. Question everything.

83. Ask lots of questions.

84. Never give up.

85. Listen.

86. Use affirmations and positive thinking to improve.

87. Always be true to yourself.

88. Try to recognise bad advice and avoid.

89. Try to recognise good advice and opportunities.

90. Know when to say no.

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  1. wow this would make a book with 90 chapters!!