Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Big Bang - Whats it all about?

Just watched a fascinating documentary from Horizon about what came before the Big Bang. Finally scientists are moving away from the crazy notion that from nothing, the singularity, burst into existence everything. Of the ideas put forward the one I thought found most compelling was the one by Sir Roger Penrose, the idea that as we expand we eventually phase back to energy and from the energy a new big bang starts. Although I am not sure whether the idea is true, it sounded interesting, another interesting idea was about black holes creating new Universe’s, which is an idea I thought of myself a few years ago, unfortunately I cannot remember the scientists name, but his idea used evolution. Although it was different to how I would use evolution.

I think, as I have mentioned before that the Universe is part of a multiverse, which is part of the Infinitiverse. It evolved in the same way animals evolved, or our galaxy, it took advantage of circumstances, perfect for its existence. How this happened I will leave to the astronomers and cosmologists to work out. But at least they are moving forward with their ideas and concepts, which is good.  I bet before we know it, the big bang theory will be dismissed and a new theory will take its place. I believe Dark Energy will go as well, when we understand more about the known Universe and what it all means. Not sure on Dark Matter, I feel that it exists though what it is I do not know.

One thing is sure, we are increasing our perspective parameters and as we do this we expand our knowledge of ourselves, our Universe, and why we are here. All this has to be good, and hopefully a benefit to humanity.

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  1. Yes, we watched it as well. Some exciting ideas and as you say increasing our perspective perameters - about time too!