Friday, 1 October 2010

Religion – What does it all mean?

I will freely admit I have given religion a hard time in my blog; I have ridiculed it, demonised it, and basically tried to make everyone glaring aware of how bad I think religion is for society. You don’t have to look far to see why I have come to this conclusion, more death than anyone could ever imagine has been caused through religion. More misery, more pain, more heartache, more torment and torture, so why do people still like it?

I know there are the vast majority of religious folk, who gain some kind of love, emotional attachment, a bond, a kindness and friendship, in believing in their chosen religion. But let’s be honest here, they are few and far between. Most if they were allowed to be honest, hate religion, hate how it suppresses them, hate how it makes them pretend to be something they are not. Imagine how frightening it must be to be gay living in Alabama, holy shit, thank god I’m not gay, and thank god I don’t live in Alabama.

Imagine what it is like to be a young woman living in the Middle East, she has just been raped by a man, she is frightened, scared to death, yet she is judged by her religion to be the one at fault. How scary is that, when we live in a supposed civilised world. What about the Asian girl from Manchester, who is told she will be marrying, a man twice her age, from a country she knows little about, she is made aware that this man owns her and can do anything he wants to her. She has no choice but to marry him, if she doesn’t she is banished, excommunicated from her family, she may even be murdered.

Think of the family in Africa, they are poor and have nothing, they are told that contraception is a sin and that they will go to hell. Yet they live in hell, with eight children, the mother has Aids and the father, well he died years ago. The children, they have to learn the ways of the tribe, they are forced into having life shattering mutilations, performed on them before they are of age.

I could go on, I am sure that most of the people who are religious, and do get some kind of kindred spirit from believing in god, whatever the god maybe. I am sure they are decent, nice people, who would never want to harm a soul. But it’s unfortunate that they mask the evil of others, they allow it to fester and grow, because they do nothing to stamp it out. Maybe if religion was there to benefit humans instead of itself, I would think differently, but religion is selfish, it is cruel and it is illogical.

I will never understand religion, even when I was young I thought the whole business preposterous, total rubbish, and I suspect most others do to, whether they would like to admit or not.


  1. Hi, it's Sunrayvista here. I LOVE THIS POST. It is without doubt one of the best discussions on religion and the effects on the vulnerable population that its meant to 'save' that I've read. I was reading about a 13 year old girl raped by 3 men who was stoned to death for adultery. They lied and said she was 23 to get away with it. Her father couldn't help her, no-one could. I worry about the little girls who are called witches in Africa and brutally murdered so that they can't cast magic against decent people - although we think of religion in terms of the 'biggies' such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism we often forget that there are other cultures that use religion as a basis for their existence. They use it to support 'tradition' such as female circumcision. There is no religion that supports the wellbeing of the individual to exist without fear and punishment for simply breathing except the secular one. Freedom is the right religion. A great post.

  2. Cheers religion does not help the world it helps itself, and that is what confuses people.