Sunday, 10 October 2010

Inventions that would change the World

Imagine if you could invent anything, what you want to create? Here is a list of inventions or discoveries I think would change the world, some good, some bad.

Nuclear Fusion

Imagine the day we finally crack Nuclear Fusion, the day we are able to make free energy, how amazing the change would be. The thing that drives society is energy, and there are limits to energy as we know today. With no limits, anything is possible, the other side effects would be, the end of pollution, at least the toxic gaseous kind, the one that creates smog, acid rain, massive oil slicks in the seas and oceans. Fires, barren wastelands, cancer, and many more; imagine a cell phone without a battery, it never needs recharging, it doesn’t need updating because you can have it online all the time. The downside, at least in our profit making greedy society, is they can’t make as much money off it, but then again, I doubt the need for money would last since you would likely have the ability to create anything from this one source. Harnessing incredible amounts of energy in super, super computers would find answers we aren’t capable to finding at the moment.

Artificial Gravity

With free energy going into space would not be as costly, but how do we survive in space for long periods of time? We need to figure out Artificial Gravity then we can expand our horizons beyond Earth. The effects of weightlessness on the human body are huge, if someone has been in space for an extended period, they cannot walk when they return to Earth, their muscles have wasted dramatically, even if they do some kind of stressed exercise in space. What I mean by that, is that they strap the body down and they perform exercises, training the muscles to cope. But it has its limitations.

Light Speed and faster

Once we have free energy, and artificial gravity, we need to have the ability to travel to other planets, stars as quickly as possible. At the moment the human body just will not last long enough to travel the great distances. The Voyager Space probes left Earth in the early 70’s, they have just gone past Pluto and are heading into the unknown, it has taken well over 30’s to get this small distance. A massive distance from our perspective, but tiny when compared to our known Universe, or even our Galaxy, which is approximately 100 thousand light years in diameter. So even travelling at the speed of light, it would take 100 thousand years to cross from one side to the other. I know Einstein said we would not be able to go faster than light, but hey they said it would be impossible to fly, and we figured that one out.

Matter Creator

Think of the replicator on Star Trek, but imagine it to be the size of a room, you enter the room and you think of anything in your wildest dreams, and right in front of you it is created. How powerful would that be? I will leave that to you imagination, but I can see amazing creations, as well as some dreadful ones.


This would change the world irrevocably; I don’t think it would be good for us though. How over crowed would the world become? Would we evolve into beings that cannot reproduce? We would have to leave Earth and find other habitable planets. We would need our free energy, and artificial gravity, faster than light speed travel, and the matter creator. But would it be right or would it be impossible to keep from going insane? Like having insomnia for your whole life, never being able to sleep.

So there is a few to be starting with, if I think of more I will add.

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