Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Glorious Landscape of the Night

It was cold last night so I didn't want to get up, I felt rotten, but I feel better today.  It’s raining outside at the moment, pita patter rain drops hitting the window.  So another poem to add to my collection, this is about being in a hot/warm country under a shady tree (Ive added an Oak, but it could be any tree, especially as now I think about it hot countries don't have Oaks do they?) as the sun goes down and the stars come out.  At least it’s how I imagine it to be, I have tried to only think of the nice parts of the experience to there is no mosquitoes or flies or any other creepy crawlies that may exist in such places.  Its makes me feel better to imagine nice parts of the world, imagine being there, imagine the colours the smells, the sounds.  You don't get many opportunities when living in Britain to appreciate nice warm weather.

The final shine of the sun that day,

White flower petals, soft and delicate fold,

The wind a rustling in the trees,

Crickets chatter in the fields.

The darkness falls, a purple haze,

A lake of water calm and still,

Dancing shadows, glimmer in the moonlight,

Cool night air sends a chill.

There I lie under a great Oak tree,

I glance upwards at the stars,

I watch the moon slowly glide across the sky,

And the wisps of floating clouds.

I lie in peace and contemplation,

I feel a warmth in my heart,

The glorious landscape of the night,

Reminds my soul of modern art.

The spots of light, red, orange and yellow,

The purples and deep blues,

I close my eyes and dream awake,

My mind alive with creative imagination.

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