Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween Night

Well I may have written about the clocks going back but I totally forgot about it. I have been clanging around for a good 90 minutes not realising it was still the middle of the night. Oh well I have written this poem for Halloween. Another one of those celebrations I found totally useless, in the near past.  I was a grumpy, miserable, sod wasn't I?

It was Halloween night,

She was alone in the house,

When she heard a strange noise,

Which she thought was a mouse,

Feeling so scared,

She rose out my bed,

And scratching her head,

She went to the door.

As she opened it slightly,

And peered through the slither,

Her eyes wide open brightly,

She started to quiver,

The corridor creaked,

As she tiptoed it squeaked,

And then she did shriek,

What was that strange light?

Her heart started racing,

The light danced on the wall,

What could she be facing?

As it entered the hall,

It made a strange sound,

And started to bound,

She froze to the ground,

ARRGGH it did shudder.

She ran scared to death,

Sweat poured from her brow,

She was all out of breath,

As she shouted out loud,

Beat, beat went her heart,

As she ran like a dart,

Then looked round with a start,

Oh damn you, it was her brother.

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