Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Code of Everything

Now this is all just wild speculation and my mind working over time, but do we all have the same DNA code and depending on which ones are on or off makes us the human beings, homo-sapiens. I know they say apes have something like 97/98%, the same. What if all living entities had the same code, I am not talking about DNA, I don’t know what I am talking about to be honest. And depending on the environment they exist in, some are switched on and others off, and they can survive because of this. Say the code is so incredibly large, it is the size of the known Universe and some more; meaning it would take the greatest computer a billion years to work out. The code is so vast and so complex, if you did ever figure out the code, you would in Douglas Adam’s terms have figured out “Life the Universe and Everything”. I doubt the answer would be 42 though. I know he sort of mentions it in his book, now I think about it, but he is looking for the answer and the question, but what we should be looking for is the code, to give us the answer and the question.

I am pretty sure it will be something more than just a code, but code is the word nearest to how I imagine it, I know DNA is a sort of code, but it is a biological code. I know we have the laws of physics but they are physical laws pertaining to our known Universe and not the code to everything. I know I have tried to think of a theory of everything using Evolutionary Perspective, but even that in itself is slight in comparison to what the code might be, since it needs perceived perspective to work, and the code does not need anything.

In a way we are all looking for this code, films delve deep to find the answer, films like ‘The Matrix’, try to use Earth and computers as their tools. Are we pre-programmed or is the code so special beyond human imagination that it manifests and changes using evolution into whatever it needs to be. Or is the code always there every part of it, and it switches on or off depending on the necessity. Who knows, maybe one day we will know, what would you imagine a being with all the code switched to be like? I suppose ironically he/she/it (would it have a gender?) would be God, but then in my Evolutionary Perspective God does exist, he/she/it just does not exist in our perspective.

Hmm now I think about it, what if in the beginning there was the code and slowly it has through whatever environmental circumstance and I am using that term loosely, since I have no idea what the original, all powerful, whole code would be activated. And then a portion switched off and other switched on, and the Infinitiverse was started. How did the code come in existence? Well as I have mentioned before for every black there is a white, matter has antimatter, life has death, on has off, if the whole of everything works this way then if you have nothing you also have to have something, so if you have no code, you also have to have all the code, at least I think you do. Existence and none existence, you cannot half exist, can you?

Well that was an interesting dive into my imagination and mind, it’s wonderful when you start with a tiny thought, then just type away and hey ideas just spark out of the blue.


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