Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Stormy Night, Floods the Day

The day, the day, it washed away,

The rain that fell was strong,

The stormy torrents, flushed the streets,

The wind blew all night long.

The river did rise, the clouds did form,

It left a total mess,

The land was flooded, when banks did break,

All rescuers got no rest.

Buckets tried to save the day,

Wellington boots, and rubber dinghies,

Sandbags, floating flotsam, carnage,

And lots of dirty thingies.

Kids play and splash and parents cry,

Hoping damage, is not too great,

Why did we buy next to a river,

Can’t move now, it’s too late?

And now it’s gone until the next time,

How often will we survive?

I’m glad to say, all are safe,

Everyone’s family is still alive.

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